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Anne-Flore Marxer

article_surfeuse.jpgNée le: 24 /01/84

Home: The Alps, anywhere with an apres ski party!

Sponsors: Billabong, Oakley, DVS, Fiat freestyle team, Les Ettes, Bluebird wax

Riding since: I could ski before I could walk!

And then started snowboarding around 14 years old.

Setup? Goofy, -9, +21

Hobbies: surf, dance, karaoke, handcrafts, eating, travelling, friends, FUN life...

Site: www.annefloremarxer.com

article_anneflore590.jpgAnne-Flore has been on the frontline of snowboarding for the past years and has had many film parts and awards to back her snowboarding skills. The French rider is going to focus on getting back-country film part for the upcoming years.
Anne-Flore fits the Billabong image perfectly. She is a true athlete with a strong and positive outlook on life. Her riding and her sense of style is a great addition to the already impressive Billabong women’s team.
5 Minutes with Anne Flore :

Your favorite thing about snowboarding?
I love the mountains, the freedom and the peace. I love the snow on the trees, the silence and the sun glittering on fresh powder, the snowmen, the landscape from above the world and the snowball fights, the hot chocolates and the long runs of powder, even the short ones through the forest, the après ski and the cold snow in your face when you are slashing! I just love it all..

Your favorite riding playground : Powder! Backcountry, freestyle on natural terrain, cliffs, jumps etc..

Your best trick in snowboarding and why?
Bs 180 and backside rodeo they both give the best flying sensations.

What inspires you?
I get inspired by people who live their lifes 200%, with confidence and humbleness. People who stay open minded and respectfull to others, people who have seen the world and people who are kind.

What is the best thing about traveling?
Rats hiking up the palm trees to eat the coconuts, monkeys grabbing the coca cola out of your hands and climbing up the tree to drink it from the straw laughing at you, samba in brazil, octopus imitating toilet paper, people don’t sneeze in japan, there are about 10 billions more stars in the Tahitian sky, water is precious, elephants can paint better then me, pineapple  doesn’t taste like pineapple in Europe. autumn wears a red dress, Fresh fish doesn’t smell like fish.  Go find out for your self!
The worst?
My bags and laundry

Your training tips?
In the summer I surf everyday, I bikie a lot and I do yoga.
I do sports everyday no matter what it is.. surf, bike, yoga, tennis..
Before the season starts I train at the gym to get the back and legs muscles. During the winter I snowboard everyday and I rest if I get a couple days off.

A quote that defines you?
Luckily people can’t be described through quotes but here is something i’d say about me : I am euro, provocative and passionate. I live through love, spontaneity and happiness.. I m a heart core snowboarder. I smile and I bite, I crash and try harder. I ll give it all to be better, go bigger and laugh more. I support global happiness.. I ll do my  thing no matter what people think.

Latest Achievements :
Cover and ITW in Cooler
Cover and dance ITW
French International Rider of the Year

video segment in Runway’s La La Land
video segment in the Pirates movie “Walk the plank”
Cover and ITW in Boardlife
Cover and ITW in Whiteout Sista
Cover of She
Cover of Surfeuses
ITW in Method mag
ITW in Lime


je aime dans la première fois que je te vois

Écrit par : nourallah | 14/08/2009

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Écrit par : Cindy | 10/12/2009

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